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Monday, January 15, 2007


Hi Chiara,
I recovered once again my password.I read about the seminars which seem really good.As a matter of facts,there is only one point:in Pescara they are addressed to secondary school teachers, even if there's a general part by Mario Rinvolucri.More over, they say that the "esonero" is for secondary school teachers.I don't think I'll have problems to go, but we shoul consider this fact.
thank you



Blogger chiarak said...

Thanks Luigia for your reply, I think I'll go to the seminar in bologna even though it is for secondary or lower secondary school teachers because I think ther are many general topics which could be interesting even for our level of school. It dependes on the saminar, for some places the schedul is different (for instance, I chose Bologna instead of Milan because the list of speakers is better and the topics atre more general).

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