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Friday, August 18, 2006

Remember that cream tea!

Hope you all enjoyed the visit to the Cathedral refectory on Friday and welcome to your blog.

Could we each try to add a useful idea or website that has helped us with our teaching?

For example, I use the wonderful Macmillan website which is packed full of good things and has a section for teaching young learners.


Blogger katetool said...

I remember the wonderful cream tea...
We really enjoyed ourselves!

3:46 pm

Blogger Rosalba said...

It was a great experience... I enjoyed eating ... I eat a lot...

4:13 pm

Blogger rossella said...

We had a very good time, enjoying sandwiches and delicious cakes!!!!

4:17 pm

Blogger mrosariasal said...

What a wonderful idea! And finally I managed to see where the Cathedral is! Before the cream tea, the only thing I knew about Norwich was the wonderful NILE building and...the bus stop to go back to The UEA Village!!!!

4:22 pm


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