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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Goodbye Everybody

Dear friends and colleagues,
I want to thank you all for the very special days I spent here in Norwich. This is not rethoric! You have been fantastic! I will miss you all...
Dear Catia: thank you for everything: the meals you cooked for us, your friendship, your reliability, your patiene, I will never forget it!
Dear Flavia: thank you for your kindness and preparation, I really love your English!
Dear Luigia: thank you for sharing with me so much pairwork
Dear Francesca Amore: thank you for your elegance and professionality, I'd like to be like you when I grow up... A I hope to visit Catania one day...
Dear Daniela: thank you for your neverending simpathy!
Dear Patrizio: than you for your enthusiasm and karaoke nights, but please stop interrupting... I'm joking!
Dear Simonetta: thank you for your gentleness, for the lovely earrings we made together, for all the hats we tried on, for the incredible stories you told me about you past experiences.
Dear Rosalba: thank you for sharing my ideas and for your funny faces at lessons
Dear Rosario and Rossella: thank you for your energy but please stop being on a diet...
Dear Francesca Lo Vetere: thank you for your enthusiasm and your never stopping soul
Dear Sharon: thank you for this blog, a wonderful idea to keep in touch

Good luck to all of you


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