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Monday, December 11, 2006

English news

Hi teachers!
In the last 2 weeks I attended to two interesting seminars: an IRRE seminar in Bologna about primary English teaching innovations in my region, where I met Tiziana (Do you remember? The teacher from Bologna whom we met in Norwich, she stayed just for 2 weeks…) and British Council Milan ELT conference. From the latter, I heard of these useful websites: : a website to build crosswords and puzzles by yourself, very easy to use and really useful! Try it! : original search engine: you do not have to type keywords, but questions! : Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English online

I would also list here the forthcoming Helbling seminars 2007 (with important speakers, such as the great Mario Rinvolucri):

Milan 29/01
Turin 30/01
Genoa 31/01
Florence 01/02
Rome 20/02
Bologna 21/02
Pescara 22/02
Bari 23/02
Ancona 05/03
Perugia 06/03
Salerno 07/03
Reggio Calabria 08/03
Palermo 09/03

For more information, write an e-mail to


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